Harris Rearsets Honda CBR900 FireBlade

Flogged It Friday! Harris Rear sets Honda CBR900 FireBlade.

Flogged It Friday! Harris Rearsets Honda CBR900 FireBlade.

“Nice bit of 90s bling.”Harris Rearsets Honda CBR900 FireBlade

These days aftermarket items like steering dampers, clip on race bars and rear sets are often made in China and of a poor quality. There are some exceptions though, but you can’t beat it when you hit upon some retro good from the day.

These Harris alloy rear sets were fitted to an old track day bike that ended up with me.

Harris Rearsets Honda CBR900 FireBlade“They look adjustable?”

One of the main attractions for punters was the fact you could quickly and easily adjust the position of the pegs. Great for racers who wanted them up and high. Also good for road riders who might want a bit more of a relaxed peg position.

The gold anodised bits have not aged that well and I personally think a plain alloy finish would look better.

“What did they make?”Harris Rearsets Honda CBR900 FireBlade

£150 plus post.

Article by Scott Redmond.