Honda CB250N Superdream

Flogged it Friday! Honda CB250N SuperDream

Flogged it Friday! Honda CB250N SuperDream.

“Where did you dig that up from?”Honda CB250N Superdream

For every motorcycle that I invest time and effort in finding to buy, there is always another one that simply finds me.

Since the early 90s I’ve bought plenty of these humdrum Honda commuters, and over 30 years later they still manage to find me on a regular basis. This one arrived within the trade, and was offered to me via text pics and very little in the way of description. Like they say, a picture can say a 1,000 words, and over 900 of those were probably obscene.

Honda CB250N Superdream“Go on, what happened next”

I had absolutely zero desire to break this bike for parts, so I immediately set about getting a dozen photos for my eBay listing. With little in the way of positive angles to snap it, I instead took 12 pictures that showed up just how manky this Honda CB250N was. On the plus side it was mostly complete, and the engine turned over with a healthy compression. It also had a V5, but that’s where the good news tailed off. Having been poorly stored for years, there was no shortage of corrosion to capture in glorious megapixels.

With my eBay rod thrown into the sea of project motorcycles I sat and waited for someone to take my bait.

“Hook, line and sinker”Honda CB250N Superdream

Within a day I had a biter! A chap rang me up and asked a few questions, stuff like, “is it really that bad like the pics show?” I took no hesitation in answering “No, it is worse!”

Managing a customers expectations is a major part of coaxing a deal along. “Fair enough, I’ll have it” he said. A few days later matey arrived bang on time with an empty van and £395. We had a quick chat whilst loading it up. He had bought it to go with several other SuperDreams that he already owns.

He left me his number and asked me to call him if I get anymore!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.