Flogged It Friday! Honda CB250RS Cylinder Head.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CB250RS Cylinder Head.

“You what … took that out of your bin?”Honda CB250RS Cylinder Head

Yes, this was tossed into the ever growing scrap metal heap at first when it arrived in a job lot of old Honda parts. The cam was missing, so too was the cam caps. This makes the head no more than a doorstop.

Then I realised a decent CB250RS motor is hard to find and will cost around £300 if you do locate one. With prices of complete CB250RS bikes creeping up to near £2,000, the chances of those bikes being broken for parts gets slimmer. Upshot, used parts prices go up.

Honda CB250RS Cylinder Head“Who would want an incomplete head?”

There is always someone up to something and this scrap heap punt demonstrates this perfectly. It made £27!

Best bit, the buyer collected it and took the barrel off. I had left it on because the cam chain had chewed through the cam chain tunnel! Talk about Honda at its best.Honda CB250RS Cylinder Head

I chucked the doorstop barrel in the scrap pile at first, only to then take it out and list it for sale!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.