Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust system

Flogged it Friday! Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust system.

Flogged it Friday! Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust system.

“That’s a bit of old gold”Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust system
Sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself just how old some of the bikes and parts we dabble with actually are. Bikes from the eighties hold many memories for us all. Those early bikes from the decade that gave us the Sony Walkman and Rubik’s cube are now over 40 years old. That is pretty old when you actually digest it.

Finding certain parts for these motorcycles gets trickier with every day that passes. This isn’t just new parts, but good condition used stuff also. If you’ve recently tried sourcing a solid used exhaust for a bike that’s burning lots of candles on its birthday cake, you will appreciate how tricky this can be.

“Where’s this exhaust been hiding all of these years?”
Sheds, garages, lofts, workshops and barns are often where parts from bikes that we no longer need end up. It never fails to amaze me how many bikes and parts are discovered unloved at the bottom of someone’s garden. I’ve pulled everything from RG500s to Honda C90s out of all of the previously mentioned places.

Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust systemThis exhaust was removed from a bike in the early 80s. This was carried out at a main dealers in West London. Along with stacks of other parts from 80s bikes it rested in its enforced time capsule until earlier this year. The exhaust system is totally solid and other than a small dent it is in remarkable condition. I doubt that it’s ever seen a winter on the road, without even cleaning it up, I knew it was a good one.

“Honda CB750F, wasn’t that the one that looked like a SuperDream?”
Yes, Honda called it ‘Euro’ styling. The angular lines and duck tail design graced the Honda range from the late 70s. Everything from the CB250N up to the CBX1000 all got dished up with Comstar wheels, and the corporate euro look.

The CB750F always lived in the shadow of the CB900F. They were pretty much identical, the oil cooler on the CB900F was the biggest giveaway, other than the side panel badges.

“Go on then, what did it make?”Honda CB750F Standard Exhaust system
I went in high to start, based on the fact there were none available for sale and even nasty after market 4-1 exhausts appeared thin on the ground for sale.

£395 was top end. After a few weeks I had an audience of watchers so I marked it down to £300 and boom, it went straight into my sold items.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.