Honda CBR1100XX Headlight

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR1100XX Headlight.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR1100XX Headlight.

“That looks fit for the bin!”Honda CBR1100XX Headlight

Yes, to the untrained eye a damaged headlight might indeed look like bin fodder.

Thing is this, despite being broken this Honda CBR1100XX headlight is still useable if you know how to fix it.

Honda CBR1100XX HeadlightWho would buy it though?”

The going rate for an undamaged Blackbird headlight is around £150 plus. Trying to find one can also be an issue, especially if you need a UK spec one.

This one was UK spec, so its worth increased despite having a couple of lugs busted off.

“What did it make?”Honda CBR1100XX Headlight

£70, plus post!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.