Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing.

“Never seen one.”Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing

Honda have made heaps of CBR models over the years. From the jelly mould 600 of the 1980s thru to the CBR Fireblade models that grew from 900cc up to 1000cc ones over a 30 year span. They also made some cool models for the Japanese home market. Away from the 400cc examples they also gave us a mad little 250cc.

Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing“You had it how long?”

Thick end of a year at least, if not longer! Not a highly sought after part!

It did eventually find a home this week.

“How much?” Honda CBR250 MC22 Fairing

It made £50, given the fact it needs repairing and painting it’s a fair price.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.