Honda CBR400F3 Fairing

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR400F3 Fairing.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR400F3 Fairing.

“I’ve never heard of a CBR400F3.”Honda CBR400F3 Fairing

Back in the 1980s the 400cc motorcycle market was big in Japan. For every big bike on the market here, there was a shrunken version of it on sale in Japan.

Some models like the Honda NC30 and Suzuki GSXR400 need no introduction, but there were plenty of other models like the CBR400F3 that were doing the rounds.

Honda CBR400F3 Fairing“Why call it a NC17?”

The NC17 is the prefix on the chassis number, which helps to identify it. OK, so a RC30, RC45 etc prefix might be more common, but to those in the know, they will refer to these pocket rocket models simply by the ‘NC17’ tag.

Unlike later CBR400 models, the just 17 model is much less popular.

“That is a big old fairing.”Honda CBR400F3 Fairing

Styled loosely on a VF1000R upper cowling, this fairing is a large lump! It could easily get mullered in an accident. When I stumbled upon this fairing in a dealer clear out, I thought it would sell really quick to a hoarder of NC17 parts. I was wrong! Nine months later it finally found a new home in Germany!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.