Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR600 FL body kit.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CBR600 FL body kit.

“How cool, Jubilee colours!”Honda CBR600 FL body kit

When you are old enough to clearly remember the silver Jubilee in 1977, you can be forgiven for being uninterested in this week’s celebrations. In an effort to get some jingoistic feel into our website, I have plucked this sale of the week out for the Flogged It Friday spotlight.

Honda CBR600 FL body kit“Looks like bunting!”

If we hadn’t sold it we could’ve used it for bunting, so perfect are the colours!

This came in on a bike a few weeks back. We tried selling it in one hit of bodywork but nobody came forward. Thing is, sometimes you need to wait to hook a fish.

The fact we didn’t want to post it for obvious reasons, limited the potential pool of punters.

Then after a few weeks, a chap that had a relative living 5 minutes away came forward to buy it!

“How much did it make?”

Not enough to buy any platinum, or any silver thinking about it! It pulled in £150.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.