Flogged it Friday! Honda CBR900 Fairing Panel.

Flogged it Friday! Honda CBR900 Fairing Panel.

“That’s a weird colour!”Honda CBR900 Fairing Panel

The CBR900 FireBlade came in a plethora of colours. There was the common red, white and blue ones and even the cool Urban Tiger beige one! This panel is definitely one of the lesser known schemes that Honda designed back in the nineties.

Honda CBR900 Fairing Panel“Rarer means more expensive though?”

Not always. If this fairing mid panel had been from a more common RE-R year colour, I just know I could have got more for it. I started my listing at £75 based on the fact that the condition was pretty damn good for its age. I didn’t even get a sniff! So I did an ‘Oasis’ and nibbled my asking price down a ‘little by little’ until I had a sale.

“That sounds too cheap?”Honda CBR900 Fairing Panel

I agree, given that it was ready to fit and it had the original decals still intact, you’d have thought I could’ve got more for it than £40! My Oasis strategy got me a sale though, so I won’t look back in anger….

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.