Honda CG125 Engine

Flogged It Friday! Honda CG125 Engine.

Flogged It Friday! Honda CG125 Engine.

“They must have made loads of these engines?”Honda CG125 Engine

The humble Honda CG125 was in the Honda line up for around three decades. Every so often they would give the back to basics bike a little update here and there. These tweaks like fitting a disc brake and even electric start kept the CG125 in demand.

“Was this one of those Brazilian ones?”

Honda CG125 EngineYes. Honda shipped the CG125 production line to South America during the 1980s. The CG125BR had a more square looking tank and a bit less attention to detail. This hasn’t stopped them still being a popular choice even now in 2023.

“Why break this one up?”

It had been subjected to some café racer mods! The owner had given up after messing up the original straight looking bike.

With half of the bike in boxes it was a no brainer to pull it down for bits.

“How much did the engine make?”Honda CG125 Engine

£275. This included the carb.

Article by Scott Redmond.