Flogged it Friday! Honda Deauville Motad Exhaust.

Flogged it Friday! Honda Deauville Motad Exhaust.

“Blast from the past that.”Honda Deauville Motad Exhaust

Motad exhausts were everywhere in the eighties, they were the go to replacement pipe when your standard zorst rotted away. Not only were they cheaper than the standard kit, they were also better built.

Honda Deauville Motad Exhaust“Stranger things.”

Having sold a project Honda Deauville to a chap on Saturday morning, he was back to us on Monday looking for parts. Top of his list was an exhaust. Weirdly enough, a few weeks back a pair of Deauvilles sat in the yard. One was broken, the other for no particular reason, was sold whole. He was back here to buy that pipe!

“Credit crunch.”Honda Deauville Motad Exhaust

People opting for used parts, are always more popular when funds are tight. What was an eye opener though, was our punter paying for his purchase via Google Pay! Basically he gets 4 months to pay the £100 for the twenty odd year old exhaust. I just hope it lasts that long!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.