Flogged It Friday! Honda Fireblade Banner.

Flogged It Friday! Fireblade Banner.

“Look good in a man cave that would.”Honda Fireblade Banner

Exactly my thoughts. I even went to the effort of trying to utilise it in one of the units at the yard. After ten minutes of trying to visualise where to hang it I gave up.

It was a shame but I did try.

Honda Fireblade Banner“You didn’t want to hoard it then?”

It is bad enough hoarding bikes, so I draw the line at holding onto stuff like this. Whilst it was out of the bag I took the opportunity to take a few pics. A couple of days later I lobbed it on ebay!

“How much did it make?”Honda Fireblade Banner

The ‘Fireblade love’ out there must be strong, it sold within 24 hours for £40.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.