Honda NC30 Exhaust

Flogged It Friday! Honda NC30 Exhaust.

Flogged It Friday! Honda NC30 Exhaust.

“One of the biggest silencers you’ll see.”Honda NC30 Exhaust

The Honda NC30 exhaust is a compact unit that, other than the front pipes, is one massive piece of metal pipework. Many of these standard exhausts have the silencer sawn off so aftermarket silencers can be fitted. The good news is, this one hasn’t been chopped, the bad news is it is well battered.

Honda NC30 Exhaust“So it is scrap then?”

No. The fact it is still solid means it is still desired by your typical NC30 owner.

“What is it worth?”

Sold for £100 and £25 to post it.

Article by Scott Redmond.