Flogged It Friday! Honda SP1 Exhaust Silencers.

Flogged It Friday! Honda SP1 Exhaust Silencers.

“They look tidy for their age.”Honda SP1 Exhaust Silencers

This pair of Honda VTR1000 SP1 silencers have spent most of their life tucked away after being dissed for a pair of aftermarket items many years ago.

They were part of a job lot of exhausts purchased from another shop. In total there was just shy of 200 exhausts which were more than enough to fill up a decent sized van.

Honda SP1 Exhaust Silencers“People now want the stock stuff.”

With prices for good SP-1 models now getting a head of steam, owner’s are always keen to stockpile any good used parts that come to market. This pair of standard cans were about as good that you could hope to find. Other than one really annoying pimple dent that was probably picked up whilst being stored, they were good enough to grace any showroom bike.

“How much did they pull?”Honda SP1 Exhaust Silencers

It is always tricky pricing this random type of stuff, but I felt £100 was too low so I stuck my neck out at £150, plus Postman Pat’s bit on top. After a few days I had a decent number of watchers, so I nibbled a score off them and they sold straight off for £130.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.