Honda VFR750FT rear wheel

Flogged It Friday! Honda VFR750FT rear wheel.

Flogged It Friday! Honda VFR750FT rear wheel.

“That from the single sided rear arm one?”Honda VFR750FT rear wheel

That’s the one. Honda used several different variations of the same theme of their pro arm set up. The VFR750FR-V model reverted to a smaller width rim. The 5.00 inch wide wheel also got a neat 5 spoke design compared to the 5.50 multi spoke wheel in the earlier FL-FN models.

Honda VFR750FT rear wheel“Is the pro arm set up still desirable?”

Less so than they were. Years back you could sell the whole arm/wheel set up fairly quickly to someone who wanted to update the looks on their project bike. Nowdays it isn’t so. Plus, these arms are getting on and often need a total rebuild before being fit for purpose.


“How much did it make?”Honda VFR750FT rear wheel