Kawasaki KX250 forks

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki KX250 forks.

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki KX250 forks.

“They look chunky.”Kawasaki KX250 forks

I am no expert on motocross bikes, but I am confident that 1989 was the year Kawasaki changed over from conventional style to the new upside down design. These came on an abandoned KX250 that had blown up decades ago.

“Is there much of a market for MX bits?”

Kawasaki KX250 forksI don’t look for these type of bikes, but they have a habit of finding me. Parts sell ok, what is interesting is lots of the bits sell to overseas buyers. The USA and Australia are regular destinations for used KX parts.

“What did they make?”Kawasaki KX250 forks

They really needed a full rebuild, so I was happy with £150.

Article by Scott Redmond.