Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual.

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual.

“Do people still use a manual?”Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual

In these techno times more and more of us now reach out to the likes of Google for an answer to our mechanical mayhems.

Google will fill your screen with anything that closely matches your search and then it’s just a case of clicking away until the search results throw up the answer you wanted.

It isn’t always a deliverer of the golden egg answer you want, and after reading historic forum chats that usually go nowhere in response to your quandary, you can see why you might want to reach for a manual instead.

Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual“Job lot bundle.”

This one was part of a heap of workshop manuals that were in a skip! I can’t be alone in loving a good skip rummage when visiting a bike shop!?

The workshop was being refitted and the entire library of paper manuals were ditched.

“Looks well used!”Kawasaki KZ550 GT550 Manual

It was well thumbed but all of the pages were present. It sold for £19 proving that the internet isn’t always the way to go.

Article by Scott Redmond.