Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki Z750 E1.

Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki Z750 E1.

“Is that one of those ‘barn finds’?”

eBay, it’s our go to place to both buy and sell motorcycle stuff. Since around the year 2000 I’ve been a regular user on both counts. Prior to that, I would place adverts in MCN and sit by the phone all week poised ready to make a sale.

EMAP had the bike trade by the bollocks, no ad, no sales, and no sales meant no business, simples. eBay is now the go to place, but I’m always keen to try any new outlet for my previously enjoyed shit.Kawasaki Z750 E1

This Kawasaki Z750 E1 was a borderline breaker contender, but when did you last see a Kawasaki Z750 being used in anger? They also are not a bike worthy of spunking good money on. The market for classic Z750s sadly isn’t really a thing, pity because they are a great bike.

So off to eBay I went….

“Facebook? Isn’t that for people who want to stalk other folk?”

Kawasaki Z750 E1Facebook, we all use it. It’s great for showing everyone what a glorious life you lead….There is another side to the social media platform though, and that’s business.

From sponsored adverts from firms you have never heard about, to the local business that promotes itself with regular posts to their followers. Then there is Marketplace. I am not a huge fan of it to be honest. It’s designed to be a direct selling tool, and quite often tools are all you attract! With opening gambits of offering you a fraction of your asking price without so much as a ‘hello’ or ‘regards’ to sign off with.

After two weeks of tumbleweed to my eBay classified advert for the 41 year old Kwacker, I took the plunge and headed over to the dark side.

“What did it make?”Kawasaki Z750 E1

It only takes one biter to sell anything! Straight away a bike dealer from down south made contact and put his name to it. Two days later his courier rolled in with an empty van to scoop it all up.

Other than an exhaust system, there was everything you needed to build it back up again. The crates of parts contained extra parts too! Bonus.

The asking price of £675 achieved in full. Maybe Marketplace could be the future after all, and it’s free to use. Well, for the moment anyway.

Kawasaki Z750 E1

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.