Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits Bundle.

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits Bundle.

Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits‘Not seen one of those before.’

Kawasaki used to make so many air cooled 750cc models you’d be forgiven for forgetting about a few of them.

The glamour 750 models are now bonafide classics, bikes like the 750 Turbo, GPz750R1 and even the humble GT750 shafty! Kawasaki really did cover all of the bases with their three quarter of a litre offerings.

In amongst the glory was some misery, a bit like an FA Cup third round tie where mismatched teams of different abilities get to share the same pitch for at least 90 minutes.

Away from the premier league models that I mentioned earlier, Kawasaki also had a poor non league side on its books, that was the Z750B twin cylinder!

‘It looked like a Z1 though!’Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits

That is true, with some slightly uglier bodywork there was a resemblance to the Z1 range. The lack of an extra pair of cylinders though also meant a distinct lack of poke provided by the twin potter.

Unlike other 70’s twin cylinder four stroke models like the tidy Yamaha XS650, the Z750B failed to find itself a loyal following.

Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits‘Engine parts must be a hard sell?’

Yes, pretty much. Parts for a forgotten model are often tricky to sell. Given this knowledge I made myself a Z750B engine parts bundle.

This included two bottom end of a pair of untested engines and another tub that included a pair or cylinder heads and a set of decent looking barrels, to which the pistons were on one of the bottom ends.

It looked well worth a £100 to me, and given that it sold swiftly I was clearly on the money!Kawasaki Z750B Engine Bits

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.