Kawasaki Z900 carbs

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z900 carbs.

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z900 carbs.

“Where did you find those?”Kawasaki Z900 carbs

Job lot clear outs always throw up some treats. In amongst a van full of used parts were these Kawasaki carbs tucked away.

A quick measure revealed them to be 28mm items. They would have been standard fitment on a Z900A4 at a guess.

Kawasaki Z900 carbs“The price is right.”

Pricing random stuff like this is always tricky. Go too low and you can shoot yourself in the foot, go too rich and nobody will buy them.

My gut instinct was they were worth around £300. This is based on them needing to be serviced etc before use.

“Were you right?”Kawasaki Z900 carbs

Almost! After a few weeks I had plenty of watchers but no buyer. A potential customer mailed me to ask if £300 including the postage would buy them? Of course it would! Sold.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.