Kawasaki Z900RS screen

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z900RS screen.

Flogged It Friday! Kawasaki Z900RS screen.

“Aren’t retro bikes meant to be naked?”Kawasaki Z900RS screen

Yes. I think exactly that. Any retro bike that is trying to pass itself off as a true retro bike shouldn’t really have a screen on it.

Thing is, modern retros are much quicker and handle better than those classics that they mimic, so you may discover a screen might make your life more enjoyable.

Kawasaki Z900RS screen“Best colours that!”

The Z900RS comes in a range of colours that again take their inspiration from ‘the day’.

The orange stripe Z1 inspired paint is, for me, still the classiest. The Jaffa orange and black just looks perfect!

“Must be a narrow market?”Kawasaki Z900RS screen

Selling this screen was easy! I thought that it would hang around for ages. I was wrong!

It sold within a few days of listing it for £95.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond of NTS Bike Breakers.