Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki ZX-10B Fairing Panel.

Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki ZX-10 Fairing Panel.

“Fairing panels must be a good seller?”Kawasaki ZX-10B Fairing Panel

Yes, any decent fairing panel will always find a home. Some sell straight away, others can hang about for ages waiting for someone to buy them. You just never know if a fairing section will sell sooner rather than later. This Kawasaki ZX-10B fairing panel sold within a day of listing it, which made me wonder why I had taken weeks to list it!

“What panels are in demand?”

The older the panel the worse for wear it can often end up looking if it hangs about. I like to take enough photos for my eBay listing, and then hang it up out of harms way until it needs wrapping up ready for its new home.

Kawasaki ZX-10B Fairing PanelSome panels come back into fashion when the value of a certain bike increases. Things like early GSX-R fairing panels make really strong money now, whereas a fairing side from a GSX-R SRAD model ain’t worth a rub (at time of writing that is).

“Do people still repair damaged panels?”

I don’t get asked for damage panels that much now, there was a time when I did though. People would take them home and get their soldering iron on splits etc and make them look good again, less so from the inside though!

Modern bikes use much more flexible plastics than the likes of this 1989 ZX-10 B panel, so are lessKawasaki ZX-10B Fairing Panel prone to smashing to pieces should your bike roll off the side stand.

Can you imagine the carnage of a 1989 ZX-10 falling on the floor! That would make a mess.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.