Kawasaki ZXR750 engine

Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki ZXR750 engine.

Flogged it Friday! Kawasaki ZXR750 engine.

“That looks cheap, how come?”Kawasaki ZXR750 engine

A few months back I took on a van full of utter misery. It was a job lot from another trader, all of the gold had gone ages back but there was enough quantity to make a deal worthwhile. I can’t even really remember what was there now I find myself sat here tapping out the background details of the transaction. In amongst the endless plastic crates there were larger items, bits like wheels, panels, tanks and several engines.

Kawasaki ZXR750 engine“Shit sells.”

Within a month or so the outlay to buy the shit, I mean stock had been recouped and there was still a hefty mountain of metal to go at.

I pulled out this engine and composed an advert for eBay. I clearly stated that the motor was untested by myself and was offered for spares or repairs use. Yup, no end of messages asking about how many miles had it done, did it run well, etc! I deleted them all seeing that the answers to their enquiries were laid out in the advert.

Eventually I landed somebody that realised that my honest advert lead to a cheap engine.

“Then you found three more…”Kawasaki ZXR750 engine

With one spoken for, I then realised I had another three! They were all in the same condition and some had start motors and generators still hanging on them. One by one they all found a new home and the gross turnover of the four ZXR lumps was over half of the original outlay for the whole van full. Result.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.