Flogged it Friday! ‘Microfiches’.

Flogged it Friday! ‘Microfiches’.

“I haven’t seen any of those for donkeys years.’microfiche
When you reach my age, you start to see stuff that was once the future, now being sent for landfill.

This impressive collection of microfiches have been getting in my way for a while and with an empty wheelie bin at my disposal their fate was almost sealed. The hoarder in me though kicked in and I decided to give them a stay of execution. Sadly the clumsy big old viewing monitor didn’t make the cut and that got lobbed in the bin.

microfiche“Who would even want them?”
That is a question that my eBay listing would provide me the answer to. I tried counting how many of the postcard sized fiches there are, but after a hundred odd I gave up. My guestimate would be way over a 1,000, maybe even more?

There was one for practically every Japanese motorcycle, scooter, off roader and moped ever made in the 1980s. Trying to convey all of this in one listing though would’ve only attracted the wrong type of enquiries from the cherry pickers who maybe just wanted one! I ain’t got time for that shit. A good old job lot offering was the only way to go with these antiques.

‘Shut up, you really sold them all?’microfiche
Yup! I did. A few days in to my 28 day ‘buy it now’ listing and someone hit the button and paid £40. If technology progresses to a point in the next 30 years and the worldwide web gets thrown in the bin, at least someone out there will have had the vision to keep these nostalgic information nuggets.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.