Flogged it Friday! New old stock Yamaha R6 5EB Gearbox.

Flogged it Friday! New old stock Yamaha R6 5EB Gearbox.

Yamaha R6 5EB Gearbox‘Where did you find that then?’

Motorcycle shops are much like pubs, once they shut up they never return. The premises are often in good urban locations that are ripe for development. I know of several shops pre pandemic that moved away to industrial areas, or jacked it in completely because the owner reached that time of life where they wanted to take it easier. This Covid era is also acting like a grim reaper within the bike trade. Shops that expect to emerge into the new normal who haven’t taken the last year or so to reflect and adapt, will struggle against the smart guys that have accepted and implemented change. This is my long winded way of saying support your local dealer, if you have one.

This week’s item came to me via a main dealer that made big changes recently.

‘Who would need a new R6 gearbox?’Yamaha R6 5EB Gearbox

Good question! The original 5EB model was a mega bike, but it does come with a flaw. The barrel liners have a habit of failing. This I know from buying and breaking plenty of these over the last 2 decades. It’s the classic case of not if it will fail, but when. The problem means the end of the line because the barrels are cast with the upper crankcase. Any second hand engine is cursed with the same problem, so one by one R6 models just slip away for parts for project bikes.

This R6 input and output shaft was brand new in Yamaha factory packaging, untouched by human hands since leaving Japan many moons ago. It was one part in a mass clear out of new old stock.

Yamaha R6 5EB Gearbox“What is it worth?”

List parts prices are ridiculous, and no doubt this box of cogs would carry a price tag bigger than the average R6 from the late 90’s is worth.

Taking it to market at £200 was my plan, within 2 hours it was sold! Was I too cheap? Who cares, there is a Luton van full of treasure to process still. 



Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.