Flogged it Friday! Ohlins Fork Caps.

Flogged it Friday! Ohlins Fork Caps.

“Where is the rest of the forks?”Ohlins Fork Caps

When clearing out shops you never know what ‘used’ and sometimes ‘new’ parts you are actually buying. You just know there will always be some bits of gold that is lurking within. A few weeks back, whilst doing a used parts clearance at a bike shop, there was a crate of parts that simply said ‘Ohlins’ in marker pen. The contents of this single tub will easily cover the cost of a van full of parts that came with them.

Ohlins Fork Caps“Why split them up?”

To start with the entire box of parts were advertised. Although there wasn’t quite enough parts to make a set of forks, there was enough double up parts tucked in there to make splitting them up the way to go. For two weeks they were listed under the bundle heading of ‘a joblot of used parts’. These forks were fitted to an Aprilia RSVR1000 2004 model. Only a few months back we broke up one of these bikes and the set of Ohlins forks made £1,100 on their own.

After being sent several questions that were too anal to answer, I ended the listing and instead listed the component parts on their own.

“Straight out of the traps.”Ohlins Fork Caps

The pair of fork tops sold straight away for £100!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.