Flogged It Friday! Ohlins Fork Leg.

Flogged It Friday! Ohlins Fork Leg.

Ohlins Fork Leg“eBay Punter Pain of the week!”

Right, we all use eBay don’t we? It’s been the ‘go to’ for bike bits for over two decades. You search for something, find it and buy it. Easy peasy. You don’t … find something, commit to buy it and then ask to come at look at it.

“Imagine if everyone did that!”

The potential buyer held off paying and, against my better instincts to remind him we are not Amazon, I went with his demands. Mostly because he wanted the other leg too and they have been here a while.

“Now you want advice.”Ohlins Fork Leg

Even if I know the answer to a question these days I tend to just play dumb. It often ends up leading to more questions, answering questions do not pay my bills.

Arriving clutching his RSVR1000 fork leg, he set about examining the Ohlins parts.

His plan was to press out the stanchion and graft the Ohlins shaft to his Showa bottoms.

Ohlins Fork Leg“I’m no engineer but my guts were saying “that ain’t a goer.”

After requesting to see the rest of my Ohlins parts to see what else he could waste my time on, I called and said, “leave it mate, just rechrome your pitted Showa stanchions”.

About 20 minutes later he left….

“It ‘s not all glamour.”Ohlins Fork Leg

This is why I love mail order sales. Years back when I ran my shop, I had these scenarios all the time. I don’t miss that!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.