Flogged it Friday! Suzuki GSX-R wheels.

Flogged it Friday! Suzuki GSX-R wheels.

‘Slabside bits, don’t see them everyday.’Suzuki GSX-R wheels

Those early GSX-R Slabside models are now desirable collectable items for those of a certain age. It wasn’t too long ago that they still rolled in for breaking stock, but those days are gone. Don’t panic though, there are still plenty of used parts out there from abandoned projects and that!

Suzuki GSX-R wheels‘Where had this pair of rims been hiding?’

Another bike breaker that closes their doors is usually a good opportunity to acquire a decent influx of fresh stock for us.

These had last been used about 10 years ago. Since then they have just been stored and maturing in value.

‘Years ago you couldn’t give these 18 inch wheels away.’

I know, I have weighed them in myself for scrap metal. This might explain why there aren’t too many left to go around.

This pair were complete with discs and even sported their original Suzuki paint!

‘How much?’Suzuki GSX-R wheels

They made £250 for the pair complete with all three brake discs. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.