Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel.

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel.

“Doesn’t everyone fit three spokes?”Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel

Pretty much! You don’t see too many GSX1100EF or EFE models still rolling around on their original skinny rims. The Suzuki GSX-R Slingshot wheels are a common and fairly straight forward conversion to do. The result is a wider choice of modern tyres and chunkier looks. Thing is, some people now are swaying to using the original wheels on their restorations.

Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel“So, they are worth a mint now?”

Not at all. Over the years they have got pushed further back into people’s sheds. This is exactly where this one came from.

A regular customer arrived and emptied his shed into his van, which was then emptied on my floor!

“What did it make?”Suzuki GSX1100EF rear wheel

£30, that included the disc too.

Article written by Scott Redmond.