Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing

Flogged it Friday! Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing.

Flogged it Friday! Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing.

“That’s a big old cowling!”Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing

Fairings are designed to allow a motorcycle to effortlessly slip through the air, adding speed and style! Suzuki forgot to brief their team on both when they got the memo to knock up a fairing for the GSX1100EFE. The EF was the better looking unfaired version.

Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing“Where’s it been hiding since the 80s?”

For the last ten years it’s been gathering dust at a paint shop on the fens. The owner decided to clear out all the panels that he’d amassed over the years, this was just one of around 100 items that came my way.

“Did it find a new home ok?”Suzuki GSX1100EFE fairing

It did! Despite needing painting and maybe a few repairs it sold within a few days of being offered to the internet! It made £40!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.