Suzuki GSXR750H tank

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki GSXR750H tank.

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki GSXR750H tank.

‘That a Slabby tank?’Suzuki GSXR750H tank

Yes. The GSX-R750 Slabside shares many parts with the bigger 1100 version. The fuel tank is one of the parts that changes over. This tank is the H type shape, easy to spot because it slopes more at the back than the earlier F version.

Suzuki GSXR750H tank‘What’s with the yellow paint?’

The bike that this tank was on was a mix and match of various panels in all sorts of colours. The tank gave up its original factory paint years back. The coat of yellow paint looks to have been there for yonks.

‘How much?’Suzuki GSXR750H tank

Was up for £125.

Article by Scott Redmond.