Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard.

Flogged It Friday! Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard.

“Not everyone wants an undertray.”Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard

Fashions come and go and also the older we get the more we appreciate a bike that is standard in appearance. One of the biggest crazes of the last few decades was to fit flush fitting rear undertrays. These usually came with aftermarket rear lights and dodgy looking indicators.

Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard“Where did all the standard ones go?”

In the bin mostly. Many bikes require you to have heart surgery skills to remove the standard inner rear mudguards. I know people who simply cut the stock ones out, such was their rush to devalue their bike with an aftermarket undertray.

“What did it make?”Suzuki TL1000R Uncut Rear Mudguard

£100, plus post. I left the subframe on it because they make no money at all!

Article by Scott Redmond.