Flogged it Friday! Triumph Arm.

Flogged it Friday! Triumph Arm.

‘Single sided swinging arms, they still cool?’Triumph Arm

Demand for single sided swingers used to be high. Everything VFR750 Pro Arm model that came my way would give up its rear end to the great god of project builders.

Then over the years more and more models came to market with the mono arm set up. This now means that you are spoilt for choice if you fancy creating a one off bike in your shed.

Triumph Arm‘Triumph got involved with the concept big time.’

The T595 Daytona went down the route of using the funky one sided arm back in the 90s. They’ve kept the faith and slung the single sider on lots of their models since.

This one was from a Sprint 1050 ST.

‘Do they still cost a bomb?’

No. VFR750FL ones barely sell these days, and most will mask shot internal bearings which adds cost quicker than Putin can send tanks out on training exercises ….

‘How much? That all!’Triumph Arm

Yup, £60 was all I could get for this arm and hub. Thing is, I was well happy with that!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.