Flogged it Friday! Triumph T595 Daytona ABM Top Yoke Kit.

Flogged it Friday! Triumph T595 Daytona ABM Top Yoke Kit.

“Why would you want one of these?”Triumph T595 Daytona ABM Top Yoke Kit

The older we get, the less our ageing bodies want to be bent over double in the name of motorcycling.

Sports bikes that once fitted like the proverbial glove, can now leave us feeling aches and pains in areas of our body that we never knew existed. So, enter the comfy top yoke conversion kit!

Triumph T595 Daytona ABM Top Yoke Kit“Are they aggro to fit?”

Depends. Some bikes might end up needing you to chop sections of your top fairing away, usually by the mirror mounts to allow the conversion to work properly once new handlebars are in place. This could be a pain on an immaculate condition bike, although less of a deal breaker on something that’s wearing a few scuffs here and there.

Beyond that you might need longer front brake hoses. Again, this depends on what bike it is and how comfy you want your new bars to be. It is all down to personal choice.

“Are they expensive?”Triumph T595 Daytona ABM Top Yoke Kit

Most new kits from the likes of ABM or LSL come in at around £200. Used offerings allow you to save at least half of that outlay.

This Triumph T595 fitment one made £75.    

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.