Triumph T595 Daytona Clock set

Flogged it Friday! Triumph T595 Daytona Clock set.

Flogged it Friday! Triumph T595 Daytona Clock set.

Triumph T595 Daytona Clock set“They look funky.”

Triumph threatened to rewrite the superbike rulebook when they teased us with the launch of their strangely named T595. Despite what the name implied it wasn’t a 600cc bike after all! Touted to be a serious contender to take on the CBR900 and Ducati 916 it failed miserably and all these years later there still isn’t much fondness for the model, which on the plus side keeps the prices of tidy bikes down.

“That’s handy that the speedo is in MPH.”

Most sets of KMH clocks from imported bikes that end up being broken for parts at the yard tend to be worthless, with us needing MPH items. Sometimes it is worth my while dismantling a set of clocks into component parts and sell the rev counter, clock housing and temp gauge off individually. With this set of tick tocks sporting a MPH speedo I just left them alone and passed them on.

“What are they worth?”Triumph T595 Daytona Clock set

The fact that they had no damage added to their value, prices online ranged widely so I went in below the price complete sets that were advertised on buy it now listings. They sat about for a few weeks before finding a new home in return for £60.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

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