Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set 3

Flogged It Friday! Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set.

FF Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set.

“Why didn’t you split the set up?”Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set

Basically because every single panel had either a scuff or crack in it. One side fairing had also been repaired (badly) in the past!

On the plus side, the front mudguard was in good order and sold straight away. So too did the fuel tank, despite having a dent in one side. This heap of misery that was left was heading for the Biffa bin, but it was full!

Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set 3“Do people even track day a TT600?”

Most tatty panels see their life out with people looking for spares for their track day bikes. Why risk your minty bodywork if you can cobble up a manky set to use?

Some people still buy panels to repair and repaint. Over the years I have supplied scuffed fairings to several customers who had ideas of repairing them and then selling them on for top dollar. Most of these people only ever visit a few times before calling me to see if I want to buy a job lot of panels!

With the cost of paint and graphics, it’s easy to see why this isn’t really a get rich business opportunity.

“They sold pretty quickly.”Triumph TT600 Bodywork Set

Within a week I had a buyer! After a few days I reduced the original £75 asking price to £50 and a guy that lived locally, took a punt on my mellow yellow misery listing!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.