Flogged it Friday! Yamaha FZR400 3TJ rear light.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha FZR400 3TJ rear light.

“That looks like a cool rear light”Yamaha FZR400 3TJ rear light

Rear lights, if I’m honest I tend to throw more back lamps away than I actually sell. If a bike is damaged to the extent that it is going to need the rear light replacing, chances are it is pretty buggered! However, certain ones do make the cut and get offered for sale.

“What determines a sellable light?”

Certain lights lend themselves to being used on projects. There isn’t too many though. This light came from a FZR400 3TJ, it is sought after by those Yamaha fans that are creating a Suzuka inspired YZF750 or FZR1000 in their sheds.

Yamaha FZR400 3TJ rear lightThe 3TJ unit is much like the bike it came from, a shrunk down version of bigger Yamaha offerings.

The UK version (4DX) of the 3TJ didn’t get this dinky rear illumination, instead it got lumbered with a bigger unit pinched from other models within the early 90s range. Some owners prefer to retro fit the JDM item, which needs a tail piece panel too to complete the job. Sadly, this tail panel was broken.

“What did it make?”Yamaha FZR400 3TJ rear light

£25 and it sold within a few hours of being listed.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.