Flogged It Friday! Yamaha FZR600 CDI.

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha FZR600 CDI.

“Do these CDI units play up much?”

Electrical problems are often the hardest to pinpoint. One minute you’ve got sparks, the next you haven’t. So what do you do next? The obvious starting point is to pay attention to your CDI box.

Yamaha FZR600 3HE CDI unit“They look expensive.”

Inside your typical CDI there are no end of complicated looking bits of electrical hardware that all come together to manage the ignition side of business of your bike.

Opening up a CDI to try and fix it is defo a job for an expert. These experts do exist, but like hiring the A Team you have to know where to look to find them. With the steps in technology some CDI/ECU units are sealed up and offer no way in! The quickest way to get your motor running again is to replace rather than repair!

“Do you sell many of these units?”

They are a steady seller, most weeks will see a CDI or two heading out of the doors. Some people buy them for a spare, others might be stricken and need it asap. Thing is, it might not always be the CDI that’s packed up. Your typical motorcycle electric system is a complex affair of pick up sensors and a command chain of power. It can be a frustrating challenge to restore power.

“How much was this one?”Yamaha FZR600 3HE CDI unit

It made £50.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.