Flogged it Friday! Yamaha FZR600R sales brochure.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha FZR600R sales brochure.

“I used to collect bike brochures.”Yamaha FZR600R sales brochure
We’ve all picked up a glossy brochure from our favourite bike dealers over the years. Sometimes it might’ve even lead to a sale, after you’d read the blurb, gazed at the pictures and then been unable to resist putting your money down for that perfect bike.

Other times, you might’ve got side tracked by life and the brochure either got thrown away or just ended up getting buried in the junk drawer.

To some, they kept any brochures that came their way and looked after them. If this is you, you might be sitting on a little treasure trove.

Yamaha FZR600R sales brochure“Who buys these things?”
If you are serious enough to search out and buy an old motorcycle, chances are it doesn’t stop there. There is a little checklist of bits you can buy to complete your ownership experience.

A handbook is another item that often gets lost or never passed on when the bike gets sold. Some of these now command big prices.

An original toolkit is another part of the classic bike puzzle. It’s always nice to have the assorted poorly made spanners etc in a pouch sitting in its place under the seat.

The brochure completes the package.

“Don’t some people get hooked on buying brochures?”Yamaha FZR600R sales brochure
There are plenty of reasons why buying brochures is a cool idea. You can easily pick a certain brand or model to focus on, then one by one create a collection. There are brochures for all pockets, so you might want to start with some cheapy ones first.

This FZR600R 4JH one came my way in a dealer clear out. There was a whole box of various Yamaha ones from the 80s and 90s. These ranged from things like a TZR125 up to the first R1, and pretty much everything in between. This FZR one was in perfect condition and was snapped up for £10. Weird thing is, a few days after selling it, I bought a FZR600R! Wish I’d kept it now.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.