Yamaha R1 5JJ forks 2

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha R1 5JJ forks.

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha R1 5JJ forks.

‘Upside downies.’Yamaha R1 5JJ forks

The upside down fork arrived on street bikes over three decades ago. Suzuki were one of the first to roll the dice, sticking the inverted forks on their RGV250M and GSX-R models of the same era.

One by one the other manufacturers joined in.

Yamaha R1 5JJ forks‘R1 5JJ.’

These R1 forks came off a high mileage road bike. They look very grubby at first sight, but they have actually been preserved in their own shit! The fork seals are both oil tight and the majority of the stanchion is pit free. A bucket of soapy water and they’d be good to go.


‘How much?’Yamaha R1 5JJ forks

£100 plus post.

Article by Scott Redmond.