Flogged it Friday! Yamaha RD250 RD400 original sticker.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha RD250 RD400 original sticker.

“How much was that when it was new?”Yamaha RD250 RD400 original sticker

The sticky price tag shows us that this Yamaha graphic would have set you back a whopping £2.03 in the day when it was new.

Yamaha RD250 RD400 original stickerSince then it’s been stuck unsold, and the bikes that it’s meant to fit have  gone out of fashion and back on trend!

“Original is best and all that.”

There are firms who can remake these graphics for our classic rebuilds in far superior materials and finish to the originals, but for some only OE kit will do.

Yamaha RD250 RD400 original stickerThis graphic is now finally sold to an end user! Retail price in 2022 is now many times dearer than that two quid sticker suggested, I added another £21 to reach my end price!

If only I had the pair!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.