Yamaha RD350LC Brake Calipers

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha RD350LC Brake Calipers.

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha RD350LC Brake Calipers.

Yamaha RD350LC Brake Calipers“Braking news…”

RD350LC parts are always good news. I broke my first RD350LC for parts in 1992, over the years I have lost count of how many of these two strokes I have pulled apart. This is my latest victim. An unfinished project that had seen a fair bit of effort and investment put into it.

“Those calipers look new.”

They are pretty impressive for 40 year old items. Having been professionally refurbished they have not seen brake fluid since!

The RD350LC had two front calipers whilst the RD250LC only had one stopper up front. For decades owners have upgraded the 250 to 350 stopping power.

“How much did they make?”Yamaha RD350LC Brake Calipers


They sold for £295 within 24 hours of being listed, perhaps I was too cheap!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.