Yamaha RD350LC frame

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha RD350LC frame.

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha RD350LC frame.

“You seen the prices of RD350LC’s these days?”Yamaha RD350LC frame

Yes, shitty ones start at around 6, that is grand not hundred.

Minters can command over £10,000 without trying too hard. There is no sign of prices catching a cold either, they are still on the up.

This means that the chances of bikes being broken for parts gets less with every grand that clocks up on those advertised prices.

So, supply and demand comes into play.

Yamaha RD350LC frame“It is identical to an RD250LC though, isn’t it?”

Yup. The frame is the same, but the chassis digits make a big difference. The UK 350LC comes with the 4L0 prefix, the 250 had the 4L1 prefix. The 4L0 one commands a premium.

“What’s the story with this one?”

Usual story, abandoned project that involves a boy then meeting a girl. Upshot, a project that never got finished and after being unused since 1993, it arrived at my doorstep along with some other LC parts that arrived in a boot of a car.

Pricing this was always going to be tricky, but based on the prices of a complete bike, I reached an asking price of £1,500. ThisYamaha RD350LC frame included a brand new V5 freshly posted to me from DVLA after I had sent in a V62 application via post, complete with a cheque! How retro are they in Swansea.

I listed it on a classified listing and within an hour of doing so it was sold! One phone call and a quick chat that concluded in me passing my bank sort code and account number over and the deal was done!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.