Flogged it Friday! Yamaha set up manuals.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha set up manuals.

“Are they proper workshop manuals?”Yamaha set up manuals

No. This mixed bundle of Yamaha literature would have accompanied the relevant bikes back when they were new. Their purpose was to assist the mechanics when the brand new bikes were prized from the wooden crates and final assembly was about to take place.

Yamaha set up manuals“Why would anyone want them now?”

Over 30 years later, that is actually a question that I asked myself! I bought a bundle of motorcycle owner manuals, workshop manuals and all manner of useless, I mean useful book work from a shop that had shut up shop.

These set up manuals, along with stacks more, were the last ones to catch my eye after cherry picking out the obvious sellable stuff.

They show you how to assemble everything from brake lines to wiring and plenty more. This is actually useful stuff if you are restoring or rebuilding an old bike. They are also pretty cool to own if you have the bike they are designed for.

“Why the bundle deal?”Yamaha set up manuals

My laziness! After photographing and listing endless other items, I was running out of steam for the less blingy booklets, so opted to bundle several lots together!

Worked a treat though and many of the job lot listings sold within a week of listing. Not big bucks but like Tesco say, every little helps.   

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.