Flogged it Friday! Yamaha TZR250 frame emblem.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha TZR250 frame emblem.

“Isn’t emblem a posh word for a badge?”Yamaha TZR250 frame emblem
This emblem was tucked away in the bottom of a cardboard box that hadn’t seen the light of day for yonks. I wasn’t actually too sure what it was that lived perfectly wrapped up in the opaque plastic bag. I did though know that it was a TZR250 part, thanks to the 1KT prefix on the part number. Tapping the full part number into Google revealed its identity.

Yamaha TZR250 frame emblem“So what is it?”
It’s a badge that boasts of the Deltabox technology used to create the 1KT/2MA frame. This little triangular emblem was not just a simple sticker, but more like a piece of alloy artwork. I love details like this on a motorcycle. Perhaps we all like anything that resembles a show off badge. For me, as an ex cub scout that never achieved a single badge on my bottle green jumper other than my 7th Dagenham troop one, I speak from bitter experience.

“If only there was a pair of them”
Within the dusty old cardboard box there must be over 100 genuine Yamaha graphics. A quick shifty through them only rewarded me with one of these, despite wishing I’d find a pair of the blighters.

“How much did it make?”Yamaha TZR250 frame emblem
My Google search on the part number revealed that this item is no longer available new from most UK parts suppliers. Considering it’s from a bike that’s now over 30 years old, it isn’t too surprising. I took a punt at £30 buy it now, and within the hour of listing it a buyer took it out. Maybe I deserve a good sellers badge?!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.