Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis.

Flogged It Friday! Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis.

“What happened to the engine?”Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis

This was one of those bikes that appeared in my life without even looking for it. An impulsive purchase by a mate made on Facebook Marketplace on a Friday afternoon and delivered to him on the Saturday morning by the local seller, who was keen to conclude the deal. My mate had buyer’s remorse and although he was wet for the mangled Yamaha, less than 24 hours ago he had since gone off the boil. In short, I bought it from him before the seller had even pulled away.

It was a complete bike, just scattered over several crates and takeaway tubs.  On the plus side, it was clean and ideal breaking stock.

Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis“Those forks look Donald ducked!’

Yes! The low and long rake of the headstock and the knitting needle thin fork legs had experienced some kinetic art, and the upshot was the forks were now all twisted up.

The reason for the accident was down to two new tyres! Both still even wearing those rubber spikes that every new tyre sports.

With the engine already out of the bike and various decent bits ready for a quick return on my three ton outlay, I decided to sell the mangled rolling chassis in one hit.

So it was put to market for £300. Which is exactly what I had paid for the whole bike.

“Don’t tell me you sold it?”Yamaha XVS250 Dragstar Chassis

It took a few weeks, and by the time a buyer appeared I had sold the engine, tank, exhaust and some other stuff off too! So my punt to retrieve my outlay ended up being a profit pay day!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.