Flogged it Friday! Yamaha YZF750 Frame.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha YZF750 Frame.

“That looks light”Yamaha YZF750 Frame
Yamaha had a good run with their Deltabox frame technology. Born from their 500cc GP race bikes and endurance racers of the 80s, it filtered down to street bikes that any punter could buy. The FZR1000 Genesis was the first four stroke out of the traps and the TZR250 also rocked up with an alloy Deltabox frame. The main design of this frame was then the backbone for most sporty Yamahas until the R1 showed up in the late nineties.

By the time the YZF750 was created, the frame tech had made it lighter and stronger, who doesn’t like progress?

Yamaha YZF750 Frame“Are they worth anything?”
Any motorcycle frame is valued on the percentage of what a full bike is worth. Some frames reach a point where they are worth sod all, at which point they tend to get weighed in for scrap metal. Then typically a few years later, demand usually fuelled by rekindled interest in an old model means any remaining frames suddenly rise in worth. This is because the value of the model is increasing  meaning less bikes will end up being dismantled, with more bikes being restored. I’ve seen this recently with things like LC and YPVS models, also early GSX-R models.

The YZF750 is a bike that isn’t there yet, but it is very much on the cusp of becoming a bike that will dry up at the breakers yards.
Two years ago I weighed in a perfectly good YZF750 frame for scrap and now I could’ve easily sold it for cash. When will I ever learn?

“How much did you get for it?”Yamaha YZF750 Frame
The frame was super clean and undamaged. Often on these beam style frames the side rails can get dented or scuffed if they go over. Any bike wearing carbon frame protectors could be hiding a wound that lays beneath!

I had the full V5 and this helped the sale. Applying for a replacement logbook costs just under £30. This frame sold within a few days for £100. I won’t be throwing anymore away!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.