Flogged it Friday! Honda CBX1000 footrest hanger.

Honda CBX1000 footrest hanger

 During lockdown I’ve become addicted to the TV show Flog It, a tried and tested formula of greedy members of the public wanting cash in something that has usually come their way through a death in the family! Cheery TV at its best!

The best bit of the show is when the expert sticks his neck out and puts a value on whatever the ill-gotten gain item is. If the punter agrees then it’s sent off to auction. I do hope that these experts sometimes do a few off-air purchases of the more desirable gems, I know I would. It is then a tense auction room scene of most traders wanting to find some fresh tat for their shops etc. Some stuff goes for more than the expert suggested, other stuff barely raises the gavel!

‘It takes two people to make an Auction’.

I decided to steal, I mean adapt this format for a bit of website content. All I needed was an old motorcycle part and an eBay listing. Honda CBX1000 Footrest

I found a Honda CBX1000 footrest hanger in my garage. I have no use for this item and thankfully no dead people were involved in it entering my life. It had arrived in a job lot of parts that I had purchased last year, the bulk of which had long since been sold on.

Usually, I would always place an Auction so that it ended on a Sunday evening, but because I had hit upon a working title for this new regular write up called ‘Flogged it Friday’, I needed to do a three day one. With no more than a few iPhone photos of this 40-year piece of metal, I was ready to list!

What did it make matey?

I started at 0.99p and obviously didn’t set a reserve. With a short description, mostly because, “what the heck can you say about a footrest hanger?”, I was done and ready to hit ‘submit my listing’. I did make sure it finished in the evening of the 29th of April. The hanger hadn’t ever been used, but poor storage over the years had left its mark, quite literally.

ebay Honda CBX1000 FootrestMy listing attracted only 2 watchers, “perhaps death sells after all?”, still two people are all it takes to make an auction work. The upshot was the unloved piece of Honda metal closed at a whooping £21! With £5.30 for p&p on top. If I’m honest, I thought it might have made a bit more, but I was happy with my experiment. I will no doubt spend the remaining funds after fees on something I never knew I needed, I’m like that.

‘What’s on next weeks Flogged It?’

I think next week I’ll look for something more exciting. It’s got be something that will attract all the boys to my yard, so tune in next Friday for the next Flogged It!



Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.