Flogged it Friday! Honda CB900F Footrest

Flogged it Friday! Honda CB900F Footrest

‘They love a bit of new old stock on the Bay!’

Finding decent used parts for old motorcycles can be a real wild goose chase at times. Some items are plentiful, mostly because they might have been used across a range of models at a certain time in a manufacturer’s line up, but even when you’re spoilt for choice, you still have to look hard for used items that haven’t had it. The dream scenario is to stumble upon some new old stock finds!  Aka ‘NOS’.

‘Where does this new old stock stuff appear from?’Honda CB900F Footrest

A variety of places. Mostly clear-outs from dusty storerooms in motorcycle shops, or traders that have been stockpiling parts and then realise they’ll never get around to doing anything with them, or more commonly death! The passing of a fellow trader usually quickly sees the vultures circling to get first dibs on that ‘for rainy day’ stock. This week’s item is a part that came to the UK in a container of parts that had been sourced in the USA. Despite not having been fitted to a bike, its carbon footprint must still be pretty hefty!

‘Why would anyone want one footrest?’

Honda CB900F FootrestMy Honda CB900F footrest was still safely wrapped up in its airtight bag, some hoarders would frown at me tearing it open so I could photograph it for my eBay listing. Thing is, a photo of a part in a plastic bag always looks rubbish, so I had no choice other than to be the first person to handle the merch since it was bagged up back in Japan.

The part number confirmed what I had already suspected, this was a Honda CB900F front peg. Tatty footrest rubbers can imply a bike has done lots of miles. One of the quickest ways to make your bike look youthful again is to fit some fresh peg rubbers and new handlebar grips. It’s a pity that I only had one side, a pair would have been more sellable but beggars can’t be choosers.

‘How much did it do?’Honda CB900F Footrest

With a three-day auction that closed on Thursday evening at around 10pm, I was chuffed to see my listing attracted a lone bid within the first day and a decent number of watchers, well 9 to be exact. Going into the last 10 minutes it was up to £13, but we all know the action happens in the last minute … Sure enough it all kicked off, and once the eBay sands of time had passed, it closed just shy of £50!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.