Flogged it Friday! Yamaha R1 R6 Blue Spot Brake Calipers.

Flogged it Friday! Yamaha R1 R6 Blue Spot Brake Calipers.

‘What no auction this week?’Yamaha R1 R6 Blue Spot Brake Calipers

This week I thought I’d shine the spotlight on the eBay ‘buy it now’ listing format. When you are listing and selling on a regular basis you have a good idea of how much certain parts will fetch. For these bits and bobs it makes sense to use a buy it now listing. Unlike an auction where you select how many days you want it to run for, the ‘buy it now’ option simply runs for a calendar month. You can amend your listing at any point so if you have been greedy in your asking price, you can nip in and reduce the price.

Yamaha R1 R6 Blue Spot Brake Calipers‘What’s so appealing about Yamaha blue spot front brake calipers?’

When the original R1 and R6 broke cover, they both addressed a weak spot in previous FZR models, that being the front brake calipers. The ThunderAce and ThunderCat had also enjoyed these calipers previously. For the older FZR1000 and FZR600 used brake calipers, that would seize up at the first sniff of a British winter, regular maintenance wasn’t much use in keeping them operational.

The R1 and R6 wore posh looking blue anodised outer pistons, which made the old Yamaha 4 pots look very dated. The best bit is, you can retro fit these to lots of Yamaha back catalogue models, with a straight replacement for FZR600, TRX850, TDM850, FJ1200 models. Other Yamaha models had the blue spots fitted such as the ThunderAce and ThunderCat but everyone simply calls them R1 calipers!

‘What are they worth?’Yamaha R1 R6 Blue Spot Brake Calipers

A decent set that are ready to go, well stop! Prices will start at around £60 a pair. If they have fresh pads in them some sellers expect to claw £100ish for a pair.

I went in at £80 to start, based on only having one set in stock. After a week or so I had no takers, I did though have an audience of watchers. I nibbled £10 off my start price and from the shadows, a watcher took me up on my new price.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.